What's in a starter embroidery package and why do you need it?

What's in a starter embroidery kit and why do you need it?

For example embroidery patterns, thread, embroidery hoops, fabric and other accessories can’t miss from an embroidery kit!

Needle threader

With a threader you can easily thread the yarn through your needle. First you put the iron through the eye of the needle. Then you pull the wire through the iron of the needle threader. Then carefully pull the needle threader back through the eye of the needle. Wiggle a little back and forth if it doesn’t work right away. Is the thread through the needle? Then don’t put a knot in it! You can just leave the thread hanging loose, otherwise the thread will not go through your cloth without difficulty.

Water soluble marker

With a water-soluble marker you can draw a design on your canvas. You can do this freehand yourself or use one of the patterns included in the kit. You can print out the line drawing of the patterns, stick it on the window and then trace over it on your fabric. You can also open the drawing on a large screen (such as a laptop or iPad) with the brightness at its highest. Then you put your fabric over it and you can also see the lines through the fabric, which you can then trace. If it’s not completely neat, that’s no problem, you can wash the blue marker when you’re done by holding the cloth under the tap and you won’t see it anymore!

Embroidery patterns & embroidery stitches explained

When you first get started with embroidering, it is useful to know what stitches there are, so you can immediately start with a number of patterns. The manual in this embroidery kit includes an overview of all basic embroidery stitches. These are explained on the basis of images and text. The manual also includes 10 free embroidery patterns. These are ordered from easy to difficult, so as a beginning embroiderer you can always choose a slightly more difficult pattern. I draw the embroidery patterns myself and embroider all the examples myself. It is not allowed to share the embroidery patterns and explanations in the manual with third parties. They are owned by Daffy’s.

Embroidery fabric

The starter embroidery kit also comes with cotton embroidery. This fabric is not suitable for cross stitch embroidery, but for the modern version of embroidery with very detailed embroidery patterns. The fabric is easy to attach in the embroidery hoops and you will also easily be able to push your needle and thread through it.

Embroidery thread

The embroidery threads in the embroidery kits are specially selected by us for quality and ease of use. We have tested different types of embroidery threads but in the end these came out as the clear winner. There is a very nice variety of colors and the embroidery threads do not unravel quickly.

Embroidery hoops

We work with both bamboo embroidery hoops and beechwood hoops in our packages. Both are durable and have a beautiful appearance. The beechwood embroidery hoop is only more luxurious in terms of color and finish. The beechwood embroidery hoop, for example, has a gold brass clasp, the bamboo hoop does not have this and is slightly more susceptible to splinters.