Embroidery kit for starting and experienced embroiderers!

Starting something new is always exciting for everyone. No need for anything in the case of embroidery! It is wonderfully relaxing and with the free embroidery patterns that you will find in all embroidery packages you can also start right away! Are you still hesitant to buy an embroidery package? This embroidery set helps you super well on your way and also lasts a very long time. There are 50 different embroidery threads in the starter embroidery package!

Embroidery stitches

The embroidery manual comes with an overview with all the basic embroidery stitches. These are explained by of images and text.

Embroidery patterns

The starters kit comes with 10 free embroidery patterns. These are ordered from easy to difficult, so as a beginner you can increasingly choose a slightly more difficult pattern! I draw the embroidery patterns myself and embroider all examples myself. It is not allowed to use the embroidery patterns and share explanations in the manual with third parties.

Embroidery fabric

The starter embroidery package also comes with cotton embroidery fabric. This substance is not suitable for cross stitch embroidery but for the modern version of embroidery with very detailed embroidery patterns. The fabric is easy in the embroidery hoop and you will also easily get your needle through it.

Embroidery thread

The embroidery thread in the embroidery packages are specially selected by us on quality and ease of work. We have tested different types of embroidery thread but in the end these came out as the clear winner of the test. There is a very fine variation of colors and the embroidery thread does not unravel quickly.

Embroidery hoops

We work with both bamboo embroidery hoops and beech wood embroidery hoops in our packages. Both are durable and have a beautiful appearance. The beech wood embroidery hoop is only more luxurious in terms of color and finish. For example, the beech wood hoop has a gold brass closure, the bamboo hoop does not have this and is slightly more susceptible to splinters.

Embroidery kit

Why buy a whole package at once? First of all, it is much cheaper than getting all the items separately and also much less hassle. You can just start embroidering right away without having to consider anything else – by the way, did you know that embroidery is super relaxing? There have even been several studies done on it!

And as it turned out, people who embroider have lower levels of the stress hormone in their blood! So buy that embroidery package ;).

Embroidery patterns example

The pictures below are all made with the starter package embroidery. All embroidery patterns can be found in the starter manual embroidery!