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It’s not always easy, starting with a new kind of stitch. The Daffy’s pattern use several different stitches. From satin stitch to a french knot, it takes some practice to make them the right way. It can be quite tricky if you want to stitch them for the first time. That’s why we made some tutorials for you. Go ahead and become a professional!

Running Stitch

French Knot

Back Stitch

Lazy Daisy

Satin Stitch


Outline Stitch


How to start with an embroidery kit

How to finish your embroidery

Different stitches for both beginners and advanced!

Starting something new is always exciting for everyone. No need for in the case of embroidery! It is wonderfully relaxing and with the tutorials you can find on this page, you can start right away!


Embroidery stitches

The embroidery manual comes with an overview with all the basic embroidery stitches. These are explained by of images and text. But if that isn’t clear enough for you, you can always watch our tutorials. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube-channel for more tips and tricks!