Bag embroidery supplies
To embroider a bag, you obviously need the bag itself. A cotton tote bag is the easiest because the fabric resembles normal embroidery fabric! You will also need:

– An embroidery hoop for tightening the fabric you want to embroider on

– A water-soluble marker, also known as a pattern drawing marker. You will need this to draw your embroidery pattern on the tote bag!

– Embroidery thread, you can choose different colors yourself or buy a complete embroidery kit that already includes these.

– Needle set & thread piercer for easy attachment of your thread to a needle.

– You also need an embroidery pattern, you could draw one yourself, use a free embroidery pattern or the patterns included with the complete embroidery kit.

Do you already know something about embroidery? Then I don’t have to explain embroidery stitches anymore, but if you are a beginner it is useful to also have a manual that explains all embroidery stitches with pictures. Such a manual is included with these embroidery kits and can also be downloaded separately! In this blog I explain 2 simple embroidery stitches, the lazy daisy stitch and the french knot.

What should you take into account when embroidering a bag?
A common mistake is that you insert your needle too far and pull it back without realizing that you have now also embroidered the back of your bag. So always work with one hand in the bag so you can feel whether things are going well! When finishing the threads you should also make extra good knots and have as few loose pieces as possible. It is of course the intention that the bag is actually used and if there are all kinds of loose hanging threads, your embroidery will break much faster! Washing the bag is also one thing, it is possible but I would recommend putting it in a laundry bag. This way you run the least risk of damaging your embroidery.

I would say, give it a try! Embroidery itself is a super nice relaxing job and you can make really nice things with it and now you also have a nice usable handmade item 🙂 With a complete embroidery set you can also start right away, ideal!